Thing #6

Reading Blogs is my main source of ideas about teaching, but also staying on top of news.  I no longer watch much television.

Feedly allows me to focus on the areas that interest me and not get caught up in much of what is shown on news programs today, but instead is a “commercial” for upcoming shows on the network, or other media outlets or events.

I recently ran across this entry explaining z-scores.  I am always looking for different ideas or ways to introduce or explain concepts to classes that seem challenging.  I saved this for my future reference, but I also  passed it along to colleagues who will teach the concept and may or may not have thought of it this way.

I Also like to pass along articles such as this to spark discussions about topics relative to education.  I hope to expand fellow teachers thoughts so that they can better educate our children.


2 thoughts on “Thing #6

  1. I love the idea of using blogs as a dashboard for PLCs! It is a great way to have everyone reflect as well as use as a repository for resources.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I’ve been struggling with teaching those things for a while now. I’m glad my muse happened along to share with me – and that I got to share with you and your PLN.


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