Thing #8

Wikis are a tool that I have thought of as useful in other disciplines, but not math.  I have viewed wikis in disciplines such as English and History.  Wikis seemed like logical tools to use in these areas.

I was excited to see this math wiki.  I like how the teacher used it as a way for students to summarize their learning and also be able to share what they have learned with others.  I see it as a good way to allow students to study for a major assessment and I plan to break may class into small groups and let them do something similar this year.  I plan to have students read and comment on one another’s entries, post questions for clarification like Cool Cat teacher described.  I think that this will help all students to prepare, and give me a clear picture of what they think is important.  If they leave out some important pieces, I can know that before the assessment and bring it to their attention.

2 thoughts on “Thing #8

  1. As you most likely do, I always feel like I have to think extra hard about how to use the “things” we discover in my classroom. I am a high school math teacher, and I also liked the wiki you linked to in your post. However, the only math use for wiki I could find and think of is group note taking. Do you have any other ideas?

  2. I hope to use a wiki in my AP Calculus class as a concept review tool. I plan to sketch out the basics of what concepts are important, and have them go in and fill in the information, ask questions and answer them. I think it will be a good way for me to see what I did not cover well and what to focus on the day before the test.

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