Thing #13 Anytime Anywhere PD

Professional Development  in a group setting is not optimal in my opinion.  Seldom does one topic apply to all subject areas. Time together can be utilized better than a “sit n get” session.  (Now why do we think students want to learn that way, but that is another topic.)

I watched the session Creating Learning Experiences without the Textbook.  I liked many of the ideas that they discussed about using video to introduce or teach lessons, have students create video to demonstrate understanding, and using online resources.

Online PD has the potential to help students become better in their weak areas and allow them to do it at their own time.  Most of the PD I do now is in this format.

One thought on “Thing #13 Anytime Anywhere PD

  1. I agree with you that group setting PD is usually not the most beneficial. I think that if administrations at all levels would look at using resources like the K12 Online Conference, and allowing teachers to attend PD in this format, teachers would have the freedom to choose a topic/session that would truly benefit their own classroom and students.

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